LDC Design Wins
RHS Chelsea 2014
Gold Awards
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LDC Gardens

Up to now the UK Construction and Landscape industries have been foundering in old techniques and have been short of investment and research. The industry has a reputation for poor quality and mediocrity. This situation must change if we are to satisfy customer requirements and combat the increasing threat to our share of the growing UK market from progressive and well-funded foreign companies.

LDC accepts this challenge with enthusiasm and to meet it we have identified the following key objectives.

  • promoting public interest in the landscape and encouraging investment;
  • Improving training and team building and re-establishing the concept of craftsmen and apprentices;
  • establishing reliable supplier networks;
  • embracing new technology and encouraging research and development;
  • allowing sufficient time for careful project planning;
  • working to realistic cost budgets and completing work within the agreed contract sum;
  • accurate programming;
  • encouraging co-operation between all parties concerned with a project;
  • honest and reliable project reporting;
  • immediately resolving defective work and improving response times;
  • promoting re-cycling.

These objectives are impressed on the culture of the company through discussion, action and critical analysis.